About Us

Scampamorte means Escape Death in Italian. Scampamorte represents surviving whatever challenges you face in life. Whether it is an illness, physical or mental condition, personal loss or even everyday struggles, you are strong enough to survive.

We developed the Scampamorte brand to inspire others to face life’s obstacles and be confident that you will get through it. We hope you enjoy our products as an everyday reminder of your personal strength and the beauty of life! 

Also great as gifts! All of us know someone, either family or friends, who has faced health and/or mental struggles and challenges. Celebrate their journey and ability to conquer their obstacles with Scampamorte products, so they can proudly say they Escaped Death!

Dennis’ Story

Our family member Dennis suffered an unexpected heart attack in the fall 2022. It was a scary and uncertain time. He ended up requiring triple bypass heart surgery. His recovery was slow as additional complications occurred after the surgery in the hospital. Once home, his struggles continued but he showed great bravery and strength in the subsequent healing process. He is an inspiration to everyone in the family. Today he is enjoying life and is able to do many of his old activities. He faced death and not only survived but is thriving.